Plotting utility functions.

causalpy.plot_utils.plot_xY(x, Y, ax, plot_hdi_kwargs=None, hdi_prob=0.94, label=None)

Utility function to plot HDI intervals.

  • x (Union[DatetimeIndex, array]) – Pandas datetime index or numpy array of x-axis values

  • y – Xarray data array of y-axis data

  • ax (Axes) – Matplotlib ax object

  • plot_hdi_kwargs (Optional[Dict[str, Any]]) – Dictionary of keyword arguments passed to ax.plot()

  • hdi_prob (float) – The size of the HDI, default is 0.94

  • label (Optional[str]) – The plot label

  • Y (DataArray)

Return type:

Tuple[Line2D, PolyCollection]